Managing known risks and discovering as-yet unknown risks is a necessity to ensure safety in our societies. While ongoing revolutionary changes in technology generate risk types that were not previously present, they also provide new and more sophisticated tools for managing new and old risks alike. Communication Technologies, a Budapest-based company, offers state-of-the-art solutions designed and developed to maintain and guarantee the security of nations. Relying on the widespread experience our partners and employees gained over decades, we are constantly searching for cutting-edge solutions in the international market to integrate them into our portfolio, primarily catering to government-sector clients in Central and Eastern Europe. We not only sell solutions of others, but take part in the implementation and integration of solutions, as well. The company has been operating for more than 15 years, and is owned by Hungarian private individuals, with the number of employees ranging between five and ten. Our annual revenue is $12 million.


Electronic surveillance

Electronic surveillance of either people or goods is an essential requirement these days. High-tech electronic devices are used to prevent car thefts, but they are also extremely cost-effective and useful for necessary monitoring of offenders, whether they are prison inmates or suspects in the pre-trial phase. These GPS- and RF-powered devices can be also used to enforce restraining orders, thus curbing domestic violence. Electronic monitoring of prisoners is important and necessary during reintegration. According to one of our clients: “Reintegration of prison inmates is one of the great success stories of our institution. We are happy that it can be made safe with the help of electronic monitoring.”

Cyber intelligence

Today’s wars are fought fully or partially in cyberspace. Tools to fight these wars are part of our solution portfolio. On the other hand, cyberspace solutions are necessary for conventional security, too. Cyber weapons and tools to prevent cyber attacks are constantly in focus for our colleagues. We keep track of the latest and most effective solutions, so that we can offer them to our clients.

These days, most interactions and communications leave fingerprints in the web. This means that web intelligence is naturally part of modern police investigations, just as covert intelligence activities attempt to find these fingerprints and make efforts to analyze them. However, these fingerprints are not always easy to find, and it is even more difficult to connect them to individual targets and use them in profiling and predictive policing. Communication Technologies offers aids to its clients in this field, as well.


Forensic tools are needed in policing, and normally they are part of evidence-collection activities. Therefore, it is of extreme importance to be able to collect evidence in a way and form that can be used in court. This requires an increased level of reliability and data protection. The forensic tools offered by Communication Technologies come from partners that are eminent players of the global high-tech forensic market.

AI powered security solutions

Using Artificial Intelligence in the security industry is not only important because of its increased accuracy, but for the efficiency these tools can guarantee as manpower and time is saved by using machines in evidence gathering and profiling during the investigation process.



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